Printing wine is just as fun as drinking it!

I’m onto something new. Lately, I’ve been inspired to expand my portfolio by including artwork. I’m anxious to go beyond just photography and try something new and different. No more excuses for me, it’s time to expand my portfolio and include works of art in my gallery What started as an experiment working with half-tone patterns has begun to take-on a life of its own.

My first series of work to take-on this “style” is a collection of wine labels from Napa, California. These particular labels are from wineries of which we have connections. The prints illustrated in the photo gallery will be shipped to each respective location on behalf of Bradley Craig (he commissioned the work.) Hopefully we can get some free wine in return 🙂

The process begins with taking photos of the wine bottles in a controlled and isolated setting. The images are then “cleaned-up” and the process of applying the half-tone treatment begins. What is halftone? It’s a reprographic technique in which a bunch of dots varying in size, color and spacing make up the image. If you look closely, you will see the dots in the images. The process is a bit time consuming but I think I will continue to expand on this idea.

As usual, thanks to Muzeo Prints for the fine art printing.

More to come!

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