Leno Marin

Leno MarinAllow me to introduce myself…

I’m Leno Marin and I like to think big.

In school, on repeated occasion, my teachers would report that I “daydream in class.” Was this a bad thing? Probably doesn’t help with math. But I couldn’t help but think of possibilities, what drives me is the challenge of taking something perceived as impossible and making it possible.

I’m a visual communications artist (graphic design) and creative director for ICON Imaging which is a print and web design firm. I work in photography and professionally shoot aviation related photos.  I’ve been involved in this field of work since 2001 which started with a passion for the visual arts and a knowledge of technology, a magical combination that drives unlimited creative possibilities. With these skills, I can help promote, give the perception of…, create value, establish, encourage, inform and help through visual communications across all mediums including web and print.

Much of what I do consists of developing highly visual imagery for companies in an effort to promote and sell their products or services, the process requires a collaboration of custom developed graphics and photography to create a final piece. I’m happy to announce that I love what I do and would like to share it here on my site along with other works.

I currently reside in Phoenix, Arizona where the sun is always shining, you can even fry an egg on the sidewalk (which I have tried!)  I enjoy traveling and love shooting photography of wildlife and natural scenes.  Some of my favorite television shows -past and current- are “24” and “Sons of Guns.”

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  1. johndavidkay@gmail.com March 14, 2012 at 9:13 pm

    Your work is laudable. What I’d most prefer is a private showing.

  2. Your style and written expression are inviting. The picture of you on your bio page is great! I’ll check back for more of the latest.

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