Fertile Ground – Part 1

Here I am, in first class on a trans-national flight heading to Spokane.  My final destination will be my hometown, Brewster, Washington, the place where I grew-up.  Oh the memories, the stories all come flooding back when I visit.  The longer I’ve been away, the more I want to go back to the so called “simple-life.”  Could I make it work?  Would I be able to manage my career that has grown out of living in the big city for the past 15 years, managing all of it from a remote location with lackluster cell and internet service? I have become so dependent on the convenience offered by turbo charged internet speeds, like the instant info gratification, fast video streaming, easy upload and download, etc.  It might be worth it, I foresee myself being less neurotic and semi-careless of those things the more time I spend in rural bucolic surroundings, nature has a way of easing the tension.
I often dream about having my own home on a ten acre+ ranch with a view of a valley.  I can grow fruits and vegetables that blossom out of the fertile ground. There is nothing like fresh grown produce, by default it taste great, but knowing you invested the time to grow it yourself makes it taste even better! The picked-to-soon poorly ripened stuff they sell at the grocery store won’t compare to my award winning harvest.  I’ll dare to dream, but if you want it bad enough, you will get it.  As they say: If you deserve it, put it out to the universe and it will serve it.  I feel I deserve it 🙂

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